#HelloTelegram: fijn om een early-adopter te zijn!

Er is inmiddels veel over gezegd en geschreven: de overname van WhatsApp door Facebook voor een astronomisch hoog bedrag van 19 miljard dollar.

Velen zijn in rep-en-roer over deze overname, ook bestaande Facebook-gebruikers.
De angst en onduidelijkheid over wat er met toekomstige verstuurde WhatsApp berichten en de dienst zelf gebeurt zit er behoorlijk in. Beide bedrijven zijn ook niet heel erg duidelijkheid als het hierop aankomt.
Voor gebruikers verandert er niets” is kort samengevat het enige wat ik lees om de meute gerust te stellen.

Er is een tijd van komen, en er is een tijd van gaan. Is WhatsApp aan de beurt te vertrekken? Wie zal het zeggen, uiteindelijk zijn het de gebruikers van WhatsApp die het lot gaan bepalen, en niet degene die vorige week de portemonnee getrokken heeft.

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Litecoin Donate Button

While reading stuff about Bitcoin, I learned that Bitcoin is not the only virtual currency out there. There are many more virtual currencies available, and one of them seems to be Litecoin. At the time of writing 1 Litecoin (LTC) is worth about $2,14 USD according to CryptoCoinCharts.

If I am informed correctly, mining of Litecoins on your consumer-PC should be easier than Bitcoins these days.

Quote from Litecoin.org:

One of the aims of Litecoin was to provide a mining algorithm that could run at the same time, on the same hardware used to mine bitcoins. With the rise of specialized ASICs for Bitcoin, Litecoin continues to satisify these goals. It is unlikely for FPGA or ASIC mining to take over Litecoin until the currency is widely used.

I was looking for a Litecoin donate button, but couldn’t find one that fast. So I started Photoshopping, and made one myself based on the Bitcoin donate button.

Litecoin Donate Button

Litecoin Donate Button

Feel free to save this picture/button and post it on your own blog/website by right-clicking and selecting “Save image as..” or something similar. :-)

Update: To create a working button from this image, add the following piece of javascript to your blog/website. You only have to modify the fields <put your Litecoin address here> by replacing it with your own Litecoin address, and the URL to the button image src=”./litecoindonate.png” with the path to the button image on your server.

Credits go to homepage of Leo Bogert for designing this snippet :-)

Bitcoin Donations: Buy me a Beer

Hello there, lately I started to dig myself into the world of Bitcoin. I started reading articles/tutorials about this digital currency to find out what’s it all about.

Because I am interested in new technologies and applaud innovations, I am excited to see where this all ends.

As of today, I have added a Bitcoin Donate button on my blog. If you are enjoying the software tools I have made and published, feel free to send a (small) Bitcoin donation. By clicking the Bitcoin donate button in the sidebar, you’ll see a pop-up window containing the Bitcoin address, ready for you to copy/paste in your Bitcoin Wallet software.

If you also like the idea of Bitcoin and it’s possibilities and want to “buy me a beer”, go ahead! :-)


[Release] Qt Minecraft Server v0.1.0

After receiving positive feedback on my tool Spotweb Filter Creator, I decided to start developing my next application.

This time, it’s something completely different.

Well Minecraft fans, I present to you: Qt Minecraft Server :-)
With Qt Minecraft Server you can manage your own Minecraft Server with a Graphical User Interface, instead of the Terminal.

The official Minecraft Server package (.jar) can be downloaded from within Qt Minecraft Server.
It’s also possible to edit and save the server.properties file inside the application.

At the moment, the Windows version of Qt Minecraft Server is already available for download from the Qt Minecraft Server project page.

Linux versions will be available soon.
Edit: Linux versions are also available now, I’ve built the Linux versions with Ubuntu 12.10 32-bit (x86) and Ubuntu 12.10 64-bit (x86_64).

Below you’ll see a screenshot of Qt Minecraft Server.

And last but not least, as always, the source code is available on GitHub.

[Release] Spotweb Filter Creator 0.4.0

Spotweb Filter Creator 0.4.0 has been released.

Two new languages have been added to this release, German and French.
Below is a screenshot of the German version, running in Linux Mint 14 (nadia).

Also the mechanism to load the translations is now much more dynamic than it was before.
This is a little bit techy stuff, but Spotweb Filter Creator doesn’t need a recompile anymore when just adding new languages.

The available languages are now defined in the spotwebfc.lng file instead of hardcoded into the source code.

For those that are interested, I’ve uploaded the translations to Transifex: Click here.

The translation project is “Free For All”, so feel free to contribute if you want Spotweb Filter Creator translated in your own native language :-)

Downloads for Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi are available at the Spotweb Filter Creator project page.

Spotweb Filter Creator @ Raspberry Pi!

Today, I’ve managed to build a version of Spotweb Filter Creator for the Raspberry Pi.
I’ve built and tested it on the recommended OS: Raspbian Wheezy.

To download and install Raspbian Wheezy, visit the downloads section of the Raspberry Pi website: http://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads

For the Raspberry Pi owners who want to play around with it, head over to the Spotweb Filter Creator project page, and download the RPi version.

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[Release] Spotweb Filter Creator 0.3.0

Today, Spotweb Filter Creator 0.3.0 has been released.

This is a bug-fix release. With the previous version, it was possible in some scenarios to get filter items with non-unique ID’s. This would confuse Spotweb when uploading the filters, and some sub-filters could be appended to the wrong top filter, when working with nested filter items.

I also added a spotwebfc.sh wrapper script for the Linux version to make it possible to start Spotweb Filter Creator even if the Qt libraries are not installed on the system. By starting Spotweb Filter Creator with spotwebfc.sh, the bundled Qt libraries in the “lib” folder will be loaded.

Downloads are available at the Spotweb Filter Creator project page.

Spotweb Filter Creator for Linux (x86-x64)

Due to a request in the comments at the Spotweb Filter Creator page I have created a version of Spotweb Filter Creator for Linux 64-bit.

First, I must say that I am very unfamiliar with packaging/distribution of Linux tools.

After some time reading on the net, I figured out that creating a .tar.gz is probably the quickest and most easy way to success, although I realize it’s probably not as fancy as a .deb package.
I’ve tested the package on a clean install of Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit and it worked fine!
The alpha tag (a) is added in the version because I am still a little bit cautious ;)

Here’s a screenshot of Spotweb Filter Creator running on Ubuntu 12.04.

If you are running a Linux distribution, download the brand new Spotweb Filter Creator for Linux from the Spotweb Filter Creator project page.

Feedback in the comments is always welcome :-)

Update: The 32-bit version (x86) of Spotweb Filter Creator is also available now. 

QNAP NAS: Fix the Seagate “chirp” sound

Some weeks ago I bought a NAS from QNAP, the 2-bay TS-212 version.

Along with this device I purchased a 3TB Seagate HDD, model ST3000DM001.
On the QNAP website, I read that this particular HDD needed a firmware update to work properly.
My Seagate drive was packed with firmware CC4B, which for some reason was not eligible for updating to CC4H.

I decided to stick the HDD into the QNAP NAS and see what happens.
Initially I installed firmware version 3.8.0 on the QNAP NAS, last week I did the update to version 3.8.1 which went far from flawless.

The update failed the first (live-update) and second (manual update) time, but for some reason after the third time trying to install the update manually, it succeeded.

Now, with version 3.8.1 installed, I noticed a big annoyance.

It’s the terrible sound that the Seagate ST3000DM001 is making. Almost every time the NAS is trying to access the HDD, it makes a very loud “chirp” sound. It drove me crazy, and went to search for solutions, because it didn’t sound very healthy.

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[FIXED] Internet Explorer 10 has stopped working in Windows 8

Last Friday I decided to upgrade to Windows 8, not on my netbook I wrote about here, but on my main desktop PC.

I was anxious to do an upgrade installation, I expected lots of trouble with existing already installed applications. I really do NOT prefer “upgrade” installation types. I prefer clean installs. But to be able to use the upgrade offer for €29,99 you have to do the nasty method of installing Windows 8 Pro on top of a qualified OS.

The upgrade took some time, finally arrived at Windows 8, I checked what applications were still working, and which stopped working properly.

Surprisingly almost all applications worked as they should, but I have found one application which does not work anymore after the upgrade. Guess which one? You are right, Microsoft’s own awful browser Internet Explorer 10 doesn’t work on Windows 8 (on my PC). It’s really mind-boggling that Microsoft can’t get their own stuff working properly after an upgrade.

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