[FIXED] Internet Explorer 10 has stopped working in Windows 8

Last Friday I decided to upgrade to Windows 8, not on my netbook I wrote about here, but on my main desktop PC.

I was anxious to do an upgrade installation, I expected lots of trouble with existing already installed applications. I really do NOT prefer “upgrade” installation types. I prefer clean installs. But to be able to use the upgrade offer for €29,99 you have to do the nasty method of installing Windows 8 Pro on top of a qualified OS.

The upgrade took some time, finally arrived at Windows 8, I checked what applications were still working, and which stopped working properly.

Surprisingly almost all applications worked as they should, but I have found one application which does not work anymore after the upgrade. Guess which one? You are right, Microsoft’s own awful browser Internet Explorer 10 doesn’t work on Windows 8 (on my PC). It’s really mind-boggling that Microsoft can’t get their own stuff working properly after an upgrade.

As expected the “Check online for a solution and close the program” does nothing, it only closes the crash dialog. (Probably because it needs IE10?!?)

I already started Internet Explorer 10 without third-party browser addons. I also did reset the settings for Internet Explorer 10. Nothing works to solve this crash.

Well, I am not using Internet Explorer anyway for daily use, I am a die-hard Google Chrome user and thus I am using Chrome on Windows 8 which works as it should. I disabled Internet Explorer 10 on my system by un-checking the checkbox at the Add/Remove Windows Features dialog.

I still want to know what is causing this mess, and get it to work. If anyone knows more about this crash or has a solution (besides re-installing Windows 8 of course) let me know in the comments below :)


I’ve fixed the issue after searching some hours on the internet, I stumbled upon this forum thread at Microsoft TechNet: Windows 8 Pro upgrade – Internet Explorer 10 won’t run

According to this thread, Logitech Webcam Software was the issue causing Internet Explorer to crash at startup, that did ring some bells here, I uninstalled it immediately, ét voila, Internet Explorer 10 started to work!
Who is guilty? Microsoft or Logitech? I don’t know, anyway it works now.


  1. joseph says:

    Thanks for this post,i will try.

  2. Ron Smith says:

    I have internet 10 on windows 8, everything works great until I try to upload a picture or video. Then I get the message “internet has stopped working”
    can anyone help

  3. Larry says:

    Hi there, to solve this fix, I right-clicked on the Internet Explorer Icon and click on “run as administrator” and Internet Explorer runs pretty good…hope this helps…

  4. Mike says:

    Wow. Thanks so much for this. I couldn’t figure it out – tried everything! Found your post and uninstalled Logitech Webcam software and – voila – IE now runs again! Makes absolutely no sense, but who can argue with results.

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